Monday, 30 May 2011

May 30th

Here in France today is not a holiday, we have ours on Thursday when we 'faire le pont' (make the bridge) and have Friday off as well.
I am really sorry for all you folks over in the UK your weather sounds horrible.
Here it is lovely. I think this weekend has been one of the warmest so far. So for all those people who choose to come to France, they should be lucky with the weather.
However our potager is looking very sad. We have water restrictions here. Luckily we have a well that is on our land so we use that to water the veg but the grass is yellow. It looks like it normally does at the end of August and it is only the end of May!!! What's it going to be like in a couple of months?
Sorry I have not posted for ages. I do have loads to tell you and will start again tomorrow


Elizabethd said...

I think Brittany is one of the few regions not to have water restrictions......yet. We are very dry and almost at the end of our water butt supply.

Cro Magnon said...

I put my sprinkler on at night... no-one sees me. We had storms threatened for this afternoon; NOTHING! 3 months and no rain. CRAZY!

Jane said...

We had 8 weeks with no rain in Shropshire and I'm glad to say that our half acre of grass went fawn coloured and stopped growing. This week a little rain, just about enough, and now the sun is shining again :O)

Fat Dormouse said...

Oh! In our part of France it was cold & miserable yesterday! Mr FatDormouse did a 160 km cycle race and was quite chilled at the end. Today is warmer but still quite grey.
But never mind! It's nice to have a long weekend with the Jour FeriƩ & Le Pont.
I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

diney said...

Although we have had some grim weather we haven't had enough rain, even in the north of England, so gardens are in need of attention, Just hope we won't have a water restriction.

bad penny said...

We are getting a much needed good soaking today. My water butts were empty !