Saturday, 31 July 2010

Piggies Moving Day

Today has been a busy day and very hot. This morning was spent clearing out 2 rooms upstairs and sorting out books to sell. This afternoon ML decided he wanted to relocate the pigs. For their first year here they had a large enclosed area with 3 huge walnut trees to shelter from the sun and also lots of walnuts to eat, then by the time the babies were born, they had eaten all the greenery so we had to move them. We created a new area for them, under lots of trees, with bushes and lots of greenery. Now, 3 months later there is nothing left. They have eaten everything - all the trees and bushes are now bare from the ground to shoulder height where they have stretched up and eaten all they can. So today they were moved. Well Elvis and Mrs P moved but the babies decided they were not feeling adventurous and stayed where they were.

This is Elvis running to get back to his old home.

We left the fence open for the babies to follow but they were not interested at all.

Then we let the geese out to have some fresh grass and they decided to investigate the field which had just been harvested to see what there was to eat.

All in all a good day. We will try again tomorrow to move the babies. Will keep you posted.

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