Sunday, 1 August 2010

Frugal Sunday

Had a very frugal day today. MOH's breakfast was home-made bread with homemade marmalade, then lunch was home made pea and ham soup, made from leftover gammon joint from Bob. Bob was our pig that we killed about 3 months ago and we are slowly but surely we are clearing the freezer. MOH has perfected the brine for the gammon and then we follow Delia's recipe - boil then roast in the oven. Then tea was spag bol, with a mince mixture that I made last week and froze. This morning we went to a Vide Grenier and I bought an English PD James book for 1€. The first time I have bought an English book in a Vide Grenier. I also picked up a flyer for a big Vide Grenier on the 14th August which I will definately get a stall. This afternoon I cleared out another room, and put all my old clothes into a bag ready for the 14th.


We managed to move 2 of the baby pigs today, they went reasonably easily, they followed me up the path with small handfuls of food along the way.
The other 2 made the trip to their new home twice, turned around, ran into the field then ran back to their old home. You can imagine how blue the air was when they decided to run away twice!!!

2 of them enjoying the grass

This one is being very brave - out all on his own

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