Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Afternoon with my boys

I have had a lovely afternoon. I went shopping with my two boys- 19 & 16.

We needed to get stuff for my eldest to kit out his appartment when he goes to university and my youngest wanted a new bookcase and desk for his room.
I know that wandering around IKEA is not everyone's ideal afternoon, but to have them both together, being nice to each other, helping each other and talking to each other without niggling was lovely.
I wanted to make the most of it because there won't be many more times like this afternoon. He is going to a university which is 5 hours away from here, so I know he won't be home very often - maybe once or twice a year. I know that in a few weeks there will be tears shed.


For the last 3 years I have been hasseling him to find work during the summer. Here it is difficult for teenagers to find work before they are 18. I tried to explain to him that it's not just about getting a job to earn money but also about future employers seeing a CV with different jobs on it and more importantly to give him some experience of working. Since he was 16 he has worked a variety of jobs - castrating the maize, bar work, McDonalds, various temporary jobs - stocktaking, working at the tip.
Today he said to me that his CV is very different to his friends and classmates - they have nothing on theirs and he has lots of different jobs on his. He said he was happy that I had hasseled him to find these jobs. He now knows the sort of jobs he doesn't want to do!

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