Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Busy in the kitchen

It's been a few days since I wrote last.
The days just seem to be floating past and my to do list is not getting much shorter.

Got a few things to do today. I want to make some chutney and jelly. We have lots and lots of tomato plants and chilli plants.

Last year I roasted and froze kilos of tomatoes - problem is I still have kilos in the freezer! so I am going to try something else this year. the skins seem to be very hard this year - maybe lack of water

When I was in the UK last I bought a mixed pack of squashes and they have all grown like mad.
I roasted one of the turks turbans but I don't think it was quite ready, it was very dry. Still it's gone into the freezer for later.
MOH also planed a packet of the small round courgettes. These have now grown to the size of footballs and the pigs have love them. They run around with them hanging out of their mouths. Will try and get a picture next time.

For those of you that have too many courgettes and no pigs, I found a Jamie Olivier video with a nice recipe for courgette crisps

Let me know if you try it

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