Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lazing by the pool

This is a picture of Max, lazing by the pool at the weekend.

His nose was almost touching the water and when he was thirsty he just reached down for a drink.
He was also very interested by the swallows that swoop down to the pool to get a drink. He did not move but just sat there watching them.
 They are like airplanes, they chose the best way to approach, maybe take a couple of tries, then swoop down into the water for a drink. The young birds sometimes end up actually in the water and have to work really hard to fly out again.
It is lovely to watch them every year.
He was also studying some turtle doves that decided to be very brave and come for a drink. They tried to sit on the edge and lean in but it was too far, so they left without a drink.The only birds I have seen who can do that are the chickens. I have got a picture somewhere but I can't find it at the moment.

While I was lying in the sun reading, I heard this almighty splashing and guess what - he had fallen in the pool.

He was trying to swim but was not at all happy, so I scooped him up by his collar and dumped him on the side.

MOH asked why I had not stopped to take a picture, I said I thought it was more important to get him out!!


John Gray said...

lol lovely...
I am doing the same thing in my brother's dogs are all sat next to the pond trying to capture a plastic duck!

Cro Magnon said...

My young Lab' pup (4 Months old) is BANNED from the pool area. We have a liner, which I presume could be in danger of sharp CLAWS.