Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Weekly shop

I thoughtI would show you my shopping from last weekend.
I am interested to compare the prices you pay around the world, so I hope you are too.
I do most of my shopping in LIDL but I always look for reductions on meat in the large supermarkets. I often buy shin beef at 30% or 50% off, great in the slow cooker, and in LIDL they also reduce their meat by 30% as it comes to the sell by date.

I looked at the exchange rates today so you can do the calculations
€ to the £ = 0.8775 
€ to the US$ =  1.4275
€to the NZ$ =   1.813  
€ to the Aus€ =   1.3575 

Here is some of what I bought 
Dove Cream soap - 2 bars 1.39€
Fabric softener - 1.29€
Plain Flour - 0.35€
Eggs 12 - 0.95€
Single cream x 3 20ml - 1.29€
Butter 500g - 2.39€
Cooking chocolate - 0.65€
Vine tomatoes large - 1.79€ kg
Bananas - 1.25€kg
Tuna in oil - 0.99€
Cucumber - 0.49€
Chicken escalopes 400g - 3.19€

I would be interested to hear how your prices compare to these.


Elizabethd said...

I dont often shop in our Lidl as it isnt a very nice one. But I do buy their binbags and their floor cleaner which is usually cheaper than supermarche.
I am horrified by the recent kikes in food prices in France. Coffee has just shot up an extra 50 cts.

50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

I agree with you about the coffee. We don't drink it at home but I buy it for the office and I could not believe how much it had gone up in the last few months. I have now changed to the cheaper version. I hope our clients don't notice!!

Diane said...

I have a special shop near me - I think ive told you about it before. They buy supermarkets overstock etc and it is really cheap. I'll show you my bill next time I go, but last week I bought huge bunches of Fairtrade Bananas for 19p and Mangoes 10p!!!!! It really helps with the household budget. x