Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fudge Recipe

I would like to make some fudge for christmas this year.

Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe that they can share please.

Thank you


Susie said...

No I don't, but I want to do the same! So I hope someone has a good one. (I'm sorry that was so unhelpful. But I'm entirely with you on the fudge issue).

brendie said...

I have a chocolate fudge recipe and russian fudge recipe that we have been making for a million years. its out of the NZ edmonds cookbook which has a million revisions, its like the one book everyone has. i shall post on my blog.

Diane said...

Ive only ever done chocolate truffles. Hope you are feeling a bit better. xxxxxxxxx

Christy said...

I have posted a very good fudge recipe on my Blog, Chocolate and Nut Fudge, you could leave the nuts out if you want to.

So I hope this helps.

Lil Bit Brit