Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I hope you like my new picture -- this is where I would like to be.

Well the birthday came and went, as birthday's do.

Mine was very quiet this year, just the three of us.

I had lots of cards but as the 11th is a bank holiday here, some were a bit late - not that that mattered one bit. So we were off work the from the Thursday to Monday, a lovely long weekend.

The weather was absolutely foul, so we had a fire going all day.

We had planned to go down to Toulouse to see our son who is in university there, but as my back had flared up, I could not sit in the car for 5 hours, so we cancelled the trip.

We each chose our main meal and MOH cooked them.

MOH had entrecote steak, 2nd son had fillet steak and I had smoked haddock.
I had made some Delia gooey chocolate puddings for dessert.

I also spent quite a long time watching You Tube videos to learn how to crochet. I started well but kept making mistakes, so much more practise needed!!

On Friday MOH had a dental appt in Tours, so we went out for the afternoon. Once again the weather wasn't very nice, but we had a nice walk around, looked in lots of shop windows, especially the boulangers. One caught my eye - they had large chocolate chip cookies about the size of a small coffee cup saucer, they were 1€60. I kept thinking 'they would make good Christmas prezzies' There were also lots of lovely shops with their christmas windows - some were white and silver, others multicoloured. I wish I had taken my camera with me to show you. I will do that before christmas and post them for you to see.

After that the weekend was just very quiet. We moved Mrs P, our large white sow, inside for a couple of months. MOH had planned the move very carefully, so we were ready for anything that she might do, but she went into the Porcherie straight away , inspected her new quarters and promptly started shouting for food. When I scratched her snout and ears, she was soon quiet. She is settling in well and seems OK inside. We need to contact the pig man this week to organise a date for him to kill a couple of the pigs. We have a male who was not castrated and he needs to be taken care of very soon. Apparently if you don't have the males castrated and you don't kill them before 6 months, the meat can taste more gamey.

I went to the doctor's on Monday and she gave me some anti inflammatory pills, and she said they should work within 24 hours. So hopefully that should all be Ok soon.

I think that's all for now but I will post next time about the changes we have made to our lifestyle since September.

Hope you all have a good day


legend in his own lunchtime said...

Wonderful photo, I am lucky to be able to see this every day. Is your Christmas traditional, or more French?

50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

Thanks. you are very lucky;
We always have a very traditional British Christmas with English TV. that's very sad isn't it?
We have had quite few French Christmas' but they are not for us. What about you - British or American?

bad penny said...

I hope your back feels better soon. We have had horrible colds for over a week... I've just stood in the kitchen feeding cats dog hens & said out loud " Ok I've had enough of this sore throat now. Enough ! "