Thursday, 21 October 2010

Massacre at Piggies Heaven

On Monday evening we came home from work as usual, I started to get tea ready and MOH went to feed and water the pigs.

Then I heard a loud shout, ran out - thought MOH had hurt himself - but he was shouting at our neighbours dog. The next thing I see is one of our young black chickens scuttling into the porcherie at speed and MOH chasing the dog away.

As we walked around the garden I found piles of feathers scattered all around.

She had killed my 3 of my two year old hens, including the mother of the two black ones born this year, and also the young black coq. So altogether we have lost 3 hens and the young coq.

I was really upset. I rang our neighbours and explained what had happened then I put the phone down.

I spent the next two hours looking to see if any of the chickens had survived and to see if I could find the black one that had escaped.

Our neighbour called round and we talked about it and we are still friends.

I now have to try and find some new chickens and a coq. They will rembourse me.

Nahla, the dog in question is a golden labrador, who they have had for nearly 5 years since they moved here. She spends a lot of time round at our house and as we have no fencing she just walks across the field to get here, the same as our dog goes over there to say hello. She has taken our animals before, she has had geese and chickens over the years, but for the last year she has been very calm and not been interested in them at all.

I don't know what happened on Monday to make her do what she did.

What would you do in our situation??


Susie said...

Really sorry - what a shock for you! (I would have done the same as you did).

legend in his own lunchtime said...

A friend had this happen with thier own dog. They tried tying a dead chicken round the dog's neck (don't ask, but it apparenly works)but the dog kept up its attacks. Eventually, they had to get rid of the chickens. This is probably not going to happen in your case. Did the neighbors have any suggestions?

Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... said...

That idea was discussed and I have heard it before. The more I think about it, the only solution is to keep them fenced in which is sad when you think it's our garden!!

Diane said...

I dont know what to say! I'm glad you are still friends with your neighbour though. xxxxxxxxx

Catherine said...

I had the problem with a dog,people from Paris in their holiday home and they did not even phone, it's my neighbour who saw it and told me.Now even if i have a fence, i put an electric one, because the dog jumped over it, well this parisian dogs don't even know whats a hen!!! Catherine

bad penny said...

A golden Labrador ? !!! I have a retriever & cats & they totally leave the hens alone. Next doors' dogs have never got in so it's not been an issue but I would be devastated if they got my hens.
My problem was the hens geting out & helping themselves in my neighbours' gardens ! I've had to clip their wings to keep them home !

Thanks for popping by my blog. Barcelona was lovely - we lived in Mallorca for several years but the only time I'd been to Barcelona was for the ferry so it was great to wonder around.

Knatolee said...

I am sorry you lost your chickens! We had a similar problem, first with coyotes, then with our neighbours' dog. In the end we've just had to restrict the chicken's free-ranging. They have a secure run, and we only let them out to free-range when we are outside with them. It's too bad, because they enjoy it so much and I would much rather see them running around our garden and farm! Our two dogs are great with our chickens and watch over them, but many dogs just view chickens as supper. :(

Meanqueen said...

Sorry to hear about your chickens, I don't keep them myself, but from what I have read, it is best to have a secure run for them. I agree with Knatolee, they should be supervised if free ranging.