Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Saturday Night

We went to a party on Saturday night.
It is so long since we have done that I can't remember the last time!

The party was for our friends' 50th and 60th birthdays.
The party was in their house and the garden where they had a large marquee. The weather had been beautiful all day - mid 20s, so the evening was lovely and warm. In fact we were outside until gone 2 o'clock in the morning without coats.

The theme of the party was red, white and blue. Guess why?? Both J & J have lived in France for a long time and are bilingual so they have a mix of French and English speaking friends.
When we arrived we picked out a badge with our names on it, with either a picture of big ben or the eiffel tower and if your name was in red that meant you spoke both languages. Great ice breaker.

Some of the outfits were a bit wild and wonderful, JHusband was dressed in a toga type garment, made of the two flags, with that he wore one red and one blue sock and sandals. There was also a union jack mini skirt and lots of flags draped around people.
There was live music with guitars and singers as well as music to dance to later on.

JHusband had wanted to do a hog roast as the main meal but JWife preferred a paella. As the hog roast was fraught with all sorts of problems, they decided on the paella.
In our local markets at the weekend there is a man who makes a huge paella and roast chickens to sell. He was the one that came on Saturday to make the paella. He had a huge paella pan, it must have been a metre across, and he cooked it from scratch in the garden, while we were eating the apperitifs.
It was delicious. Except for MOH who hates seafood of any kind, but he did manage some of the rice and chicken.

After the paella came two huge cakes with pictures transfered onto the icing of J&J.

Then we started dancing.

I have not danced danced for a good few years but it's a bit like riding a bike - you don't forget!!

We must have danced for at least 2 hours solid, even MOH joined in and we had a wonderful time practising for Strictly come Dancing.

We got home and to bed about 3.30. Very late for two old timers.

Needless to say Sunday was a total non event. We couldn't find the energy to do anything.

I am really sorry but I forgot to take my new camera so no pics, but if I can get any I will post them later.


Diane said...

Gosh you and your other half look stunning!!! He has fab pecs!!!!!!!
We LOVE the Paella that they sell on French Markets (and also those fab roast chickens and potaotes!!) The party sounds wonderful - I would have loved it.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Now that's what I call a party♥