Monday, 4 October 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday: Pea & ham soup with homemade Soda Bread.
Made yesterday, using leftover ham from Bob (our pig) that was salted for 4 days, then soaked for 2 days, then boiled & finally roasted with mustard and sugar

Tuesday: Slow cooker - chicken thighs with spicy sauce
(don't know what it will be yet, maybe curry powder and peach yoghurt) - leftovers to be frozen for next week and some for lunches.

Wednesday: Vegetable Lasagne - requested by my son!!
leftovers for lunch.

Thursday: Chicken curry - a weekly must have. see recipe from last week's post. leftovers for lunch - cold chicken curry and rice --yummy.

Friday: Slow cooker - pork steaks with spicy tomato sauce and rice.

Saturday: Going out to a 50th & 60th party. Will post the photos at the weekend

Sunday: Roast Chicken Dinner, veg, stuffing, roast potatoes.

Next week will be a chicken week.

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Diane said...

Sounds divine! We had a couple of freeby meals recently. They have turned an old farm near us into residential barns and they had a hog roast at the opening. Hubby and the young man and I went along, and met up with a colleague of hubby's and had a whale of a time! We managed not to buy a house - so it was a free supper!! I love my Slow cooker. xxxx