Monday, 11 October 2010

More Prezzies

I had a very nice week last week with two lovely surprises.

The first arrived on Tuesday afternoon, I was working from home and heard a toot toot. It was the postman with a parcel for me. I couldn't remember ordering anything and had to double check the box to be sure it was for me.

Got it in the house and tore open the packaging and guess what it was .....

a new camera, an Olympus T-100 and it was free.

A couple of months ago we set up a new bank account for my son, when he turned 16 he was eligible for an account with a debit card. This was all duly done. A couple of weeks later I was in the bank and saw that they had a promotion - if you recommend someone to open an account with the bank they would give you a gift. So, not one to miss out on a freebie, asked if I would be eligible for this. The lady said she would check and what would I like if it was possible?

I never heard anymore about this until last week when the parcel arrived and there was my new camera.
So no excuses of bad photos from now on.

My second surprise was even nicer.

In France we don't have PAYE. You complete your tax form in April, then then you are told how much you owe and you have to pay by a certain date. This can be quite difficult to pay in one go if you are not organised enough to put the money away each month. I asked to pay by DD a couple of years ago, which I did over the last 10 months to pay for my 2009 tax bill. If you overpay they refund you and if it's not enough you pay the difference.
Anyway, this week I checked my bank statement, something that I do 3 or 4 times a week now, and discovered I had had a tax refund.

Very nice - this will go to pay for the repair of my car which has been sat in the office carpark for the last month, waiting for me to pluck up courage to have it towed off to the garage.
This happened this morning so now I have to wait to find out what the problem is and how much it will cost!!

Just had a call from the garage telling me it was the diesel pump that needs to be replaced along with the filter etc etc...
Bringing the cost to a whopping 650€

Good job I had that windfall last week wasn't it?


Diane said...

I love Freebies!! Freeby hunting is one of my major hobby's! I have somehow managed to wangle a free ticket to our local L'occitane pamper evening where I am going to receive £78 worth of goody bag!! That should be most of my Christmas pressies sorted! Well done you! xxxxx

Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... said...

wow, how do you do that. I think it's probably more difficult here but any ideas gratefully received

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Well done on the free camera:) Oh dear I've just been on the exchange rate calculator and 650 euros (sorry don't have a euro symbol on my computer) is almost $1,000 aussie dollars. It's the same here when you have car problems, you are looking at big bucks:(