Thursday, 13 January 2011

Early morning bargains

This morning I needed to nip to Lidl to get a sandwich for MOH's lunch.

Normally I bring lunch in with me for both of us, but my fridge is empty at the moment and we ate the leftovers last night.

Lidl is 3 minute walk away from the office!

Today I was lucky. It is the first time I have been there so early in the morning - 08.45.

This week they have the XXL promotion on, so I bought

2 x 1KG mince - normally 5.99€, this morning minus 30% = 4.19€ the kilo
3 x Chicken escalopes - normally 3.19€, this morning 30% off = 2.23€ per pack.
I know for all you people in the UK it is normal to get things cheaper when they get close to the sell by date, but here it is very unusual, although Lidl have started to do it with their meat.

I feel quite pleased with myself and a good start to the day.

I will have a young girl with me today. She is the daughter of one of our teachers. She is doing a stage for a week. Every child in their last year of college has to do at least one stage in a company, then they have to do a presentation about their week and what they learnt.
College is the equivilant of high school - 11 - 15 years

I have a list of things to go through with her and some jobs for her to do.

I hope she will also be able to join me in a lesson for 30 minutes when I talk to one of our students who is having a two week intensive course to prepare him for a business trip to the USA.

I will ask her to answer the phone and she can sit in on a telephone lesson this afternoon.

She is bi-lingual Engish and French, so she can talk English with our students and French on the phone for me.

I will let you know how it goes


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh yes! I'm a big fan of Lidl. Hope all goes well with your student.

Diane said...

You would love my "special " shop. Its bargains all the way! Its a one off! You have to have a card but hubby is eligible as he is a policeman. This week Duchy Organic ham - should have been £10 was £1 !! but they were also having a 25% sale too, so it was 75p! I got 6. xxxx

John Gray said...

love the previous post!
very funny

John Gray said...

your counter says I am from manchester!!1 wierd eh?