Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Two car family

For all the time I have been driving - about 30 years, we have been lucky enough to have two cars.

We both needed a car for work and for about 18 years I had a company car.

Two cars was something we just took for granted

However since August when I started on our road to frigality we have only been using one car.

Sometimes it is a bit inconvienient, but we have managed well.

This has reduced our petrol bill from well over 400€ a month, right down to under between 150€ to 200€.

We live over 30kms from work and MOH also needs the car to get to companies where we teach in their premises.

Today is the first day since August that we have brought two cars to work.

I have a meeting in Blois with one of our clients this afternoon and MOH is teaching in the other side of Tours, so we have to use both cars.

It felt quite strange driving in to work on my own this morning.


Jane said...

Hi, newbie here - I'm enjoying reading about your life in France :O)
My husband and I had two cars for decades but in the last 18 months have only used the more economical one unless going on a motorway. This cut down petrol costs massively but we were still paying for road tax, maintenance, insurance and roadside rescue on the larger car. We got rid of it just before Christmas in favour of hiring a car whenever we were travelling long distances. In all, getting rid of that car will have saved us approx £2000 pa even allowing for the cost of car hire.

50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

Thank you for reading my blog.
I had not thought of doing that. I will definitely look into it

Diane said...

Ive been thinking about going down to 1 car recently. Originally we had 2 as I had a company car, then when I had my eldest, we went down to 1 plus a moterbike. When I started work 4 years later, we went back up to 2. With hubby working shifts, it might not be practical, but it is something I am considering. xxx

solomi558 said...

Hi frugal , I don,t drive so I cannot comment on that . I have just popped over from Diane at heart shaped . I saw your comment about milk bottles being used for extra lagging on pipes . I had 3 lots of burst pipes this winter . My grandson has now fitted thermastatic cables to them that will kick in at 10 deg,. but I,m going to use your idea and give them the bit extra.

First time visiting you . I,ll come again --cottonreel

sawn61 said...

We are both retired now, so the use of our vehicles today is totally different.When we both worked, we each needed our own, but now that we are retired, there are other responsibilities which still require a need for 2.We do have 2 other vehicles(all 4 are trucks).One for hauling fire wood and other rough and dirty jobs,such as you find with farm life.The other is a 4-wheel drive,which also comes in very handy (when you or the family or neighbors need that type of help).We speak often of reducing our number of trucks, but it is a hard decision as to which one will go.Pop would like a Mustang for us to drive when on trips, but we can never bring ourselves to take any kind of trip, so that type of vehicle seems needless.I guess we'll keep our 4 truckss for a while longer.Decisions,decisions.

Young at Heart said...

bravo.....I have been car free since 2000!!!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Would love to only have one vehicle but Hubby drives our work UTE which wouldn't be suitable for long drives. Would save a packet getting rid of one vehicle as car registration is very expensive here:( Great savings on your fuel costs:)

Orkneyflowers said...

I feel for you and well done! My main expense is my car (and my camper van) I'm seriously thinking of getting down to one vehicle when I stop my college job! Well done you. Great savings.

I'm reading alot but not commenting, I hope you're good, I'm finishing a thesis and its eating all my extra time. I do read at work at lunchtime, but can't comment - be I'm often lurking away!

Well done!