Monday, 10 January 2011

You know you're getting old when ...........

I know I'm only 50 and 50 is supposed to be the new 30 or something

but there are times when I do feel my age.

Yesterday I was trying to thread a needle to sew a button onto MOH's trousers. I could just about see the hole, the thread was close to the hole but it would not go in. MOH had to come and do it for me. He has always had terrible eyesight compared to me so this was a real downer.

As you know I have two teenage boys, and they like to listen to music. Most times we see eye to eye regarding their listening choices, my youngest son even has a lot of my music on his mp3 player, but recently the noise coming from the TV music channels just seems much louder and more irritating than usual, so much so that I have to tell them to turn it off or find a quieter channel.

MOH and I sat and watched Grumpy New Year's Eve on the 31st and sometimes that's how we are - sitting there grumbling at the TV - or swearing at it in MOH's case.

Maybe we should get out more.

We did go for a lovely walk yesterday with the dogs. Max was off his lead for nearly an hour and well behaved, except he keeps wanting to bite Miss. He walks through her legs and nibbles her ears and her neck. She is getting very fed up of it now. I keep telling her to put him in his place but she doesn't listen.


Diane said...

I have had to invest in needle threaders - can you get them in France? If not, let me know your address and i'll send you a couple. They are invaluable. xxxx

sawn61 said...

I've learned a little trick here lately. It may not work in all cases, but so far it has been great for me. Dip the tip of your thread in candle wax, then pinch and flatten it with your fingers. It will be much easier to pass through the eye of the needle.If you need to, you can clip the waxed end off before proceeding.

50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

Thank you both for your ideas. I think I have a needle threader but I had never thought to use it. I will try it next time.
Sawn61, if I am near a candle, I will definiately try this, sounds a very good idea

John Gray said...

welcome to the crumbling time of life!!!

diney said...

Happy new year - and don't let yourself feel old at 50 or it'll make me feel ancient at 56 - and I feel great!! Forget the age and just live to the full - ignore the wrinkles (well, I can't be a hypocrite as I hate the wrinkles, but I slather on as much moisturiser as I can afford!!). I also use a metal needle threader, without which I would never be able to thread a needle. A great, simple invention! Celebrate your 50's! Hubby just turned 60 (thank you for your comment on mine!) and he says he feels it is a fantastic achievement to reach 60 and still feel 30 (with reading specs!).I guess our 11 year old keeps us on our toes!!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I always get my daughter to thread my needles, and I remember my mum asking me to do the same! I've spotted some needle threaders in our (inherited) sewing stool, must learn how to use them!