Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year to you all

Hello again.
I have not been away or done anything special, I just did not feel in the right frame of mind to post.

Christmas was very quiet, just the four of us, then I had a day in bed on the Wednesday and read the latest Dan Brown book cover to cover. MOH thought I was swinging the lead and just wanted a day in bed but I did feel unwell - then guess what- on New year"s Eve he went down with the same thing but he didn't go to bed!

New Years's Eve was just the two of us.
Eldest son, had a party in his room with his mates, about 14 I think. The courtyard in front of our house was full of cars. (His room is in one of our outbuildings where he has been welcoming any old settees, tables, rugs etc from his friends to furnish the room. He must have about 10 foam mattresses that someone gave him and these are used regularly by his friends who stay over. There is a pervading smell of alcohol and cigarettes in the room, but they are happy and at least I know where they are.)
Youngest Son went to a party at one one his friends armed with a sleeping bag and a bottle of cider. However I did have a quick look in his rucksack, and guess what, there was a bottle of vodka hiding in there. He had asked his brother to buy it for him. As you can imagine, we had a rather stern chat with him.

As we had planned to go to our neighbour's for the evening, I did not have anything special for dinner, so we had some left overs from E's party - rice salad and potato salad with ham and cheese, and very nice it was too. No wine, just tea.
We were in bed for 11.30, tucked up nice and warm.

Back to work on Monday as usual with lots of things to do for 2011.

For me the last couple of months have been a bit weird. I have not wanted to do anything - very lazy - procrastination has become my middle name and losing my rag at the slightest thing.

I am reliably informed that this is probably the wonderful hormones, so I have have just started to take the 5-HTP that I posted about before Christmas. I will let you know how it goes.

Speak to you all tomorrow


Diane said...

Damn those hormones - I just think the (little )patience I was given at birth has now run out and I'm not putting up with as much crap from folk (family, friends, colleagues and strangers all cop for it!!!)as I used to! It may also be a bit of the winter blues. Hopw you pick up soon - keep scouring blogland for inspiration and UUMMPH! xxxxx

legend in his own lunchtime said...

I hope you feel better. I've been feeling a bit down too (can't blame the hormones) but a surprise Christmas present from my chickens(8 eggs) cheered me up. It doesn'tt take much.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Hope you are feeling better Sue and of course YOH. Good luck with the 5-HTP will be interested to hear your views. Linda xxx

bad penny said...

These kids & their Cider & Vodka ! Hope that you start to feel more like your old self soon

John Gray said...

happy new year to you too sweetie