Monday, 24 January 2011

River Walk

After dropping Son N° 2 off at school at 11 o'clock (he had sports for his first lesson and as he is full of cold, he decided to give it a miss)we took Max and went for a lovely long walk. 

Last week we found a new walk just on the outskirts of Loches which has just been renovated, alongside the River Indre

This is the chateau of Loches behind us

This is the river just after it has gone through the sluice gate, very fast!!

I thought you would like this - the house is right on the river and look at the huge clock on the wall.

This is a huge polytunnel growing lettuces, which are sold in our very local supermarket.

I do have some new pictures of Max to show you but they have not arrived on my pc yet, so I will show you tomorrow.


Diane said...

I love that walk. I'm a sucker for a Chateau! xx

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

How blessed are you to have such a beautiful walk on your doorstep:)