Saturday, 25 September 2010

Holding Back the Years

and hasn't he just.

I have just watched itv's Simply Red last concert.

He sang all his best songs live and they were excellent. Brought back loads of memories and made me want to dance.

Brilliant musicians with proper instuments - saxophone, flute even something like an electrical recorder.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Did anyone else see it?


Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Doubt very much whether we will get it on free to air TV here and as we don't have pay TV in this house I'm not hopeful of seeing it:( However, I have seen Simply Red a few times♥♥♥ The last time was last Feb when he appeared at Sirromet Winery here in Queensland. He is quite simply the best. I've loved Mick since he first sang "holding backing the years". Very smart fellow as well♥♥♥

Diane said...

How lovedly that it made you want to dance - proves you are still in touch with your inner girl. xxxx

Morgan said...

I missed it on tv but I had wanted to see it. I love Simply Red, and play a CD I have at least three or four times a week, in between all sorts of other music - I keep coming back to it!