Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Menu Planning Monday

This week is my Pork week

  • Monday: Roast pork loin,
    mix a dessert spoon of grain mustard, djion mustard and sunflower oil and cover the pork with the mixture. Put in a baking tray with about 1inch of boiling water.
    Bake in a hot oven - 200° for 1,5 hours.
    Boiled potatoes, carrots and cauliflower all cooked together in the steamer. Gravy made with juices from the meat
  • Tuesday: Left over meat, veg and gravy Pie
    Fry the veg, meat and gravy very gently, add more liquid if required. Put into a pie dish and cover with shortcrust pastry.
  • Wednesday: Left over meat with cous cous
    Gently fry the chopped up meat with onions and lardons. Cook the cous cous with stock and herbs. When ready add some dry fried nuts, dried apricots to the cous cous and serve with the meat. Serve with chutney or chilli jam.
  • Thursday: Chicken Curry and Rice.
    Cut Chicken escalopes into 1 inch squares. Fry in a very hot wok until white. Add a good dessert spoon of Pataks Madras curry paste and a teaspoon of chilli jam for extra heat. Fry together. Add one tin of Coconut Milk and cook for 10 minutes. Serve with Basmati rice, mango chutney and chilli jam
  • Friday: Home made Fish and chips with peas
    Make the batter http://www.deliaonline.com/how-to-cook/fish-and-shellfish/basic-fish-batter.html. Fry the chips, then the fish, then just finish off the chips for a minute in the fryer.
  • Saturday: Home made Pizza with a scone base.
  • Sunday: Slow cooked shin beef casserole with dumplings


Diane said...

I do love menu planning - but its become impossible to do around these parts at the mo. Hubby works shifts, but often his shifts are changed at the last minute, and I never know who the kids will be inviting for tea! I'm going to make beef stew and dumplings in my slow cooker on Friday though for my daughter who will be home at the weekend and loves stew and dumplings. xxx

Nearly 50 and trying to be Frugal .... said...

That must be really difficult to plan for. Mine is easy,everyone home at the same time and no messing - eat at 19.00.
Enjoy your stew at the weekend. How is your daughter getting on? My son is really loving university, he's found a job and started last night. Rings me everyday - I speak to him more now than when he lived at home. Haven't to see him yet as he doesn't have a webcam for skype. Will have to send him one

Diane said...

Shes doing ok, the only fly in the ointment is the boyfriend in another city!! I forgot to mention earlier that my sis and I met David Essex on several occasions when he played at SHeffield City Hall. We sussed that he stayed in the Grosvenor hotel, and so we used to go for a drink there. He used to grant his fans "an audience" so we got to talk to him a few times - I think he was just sussing out the totty though. You wouldnt have got that with the lovely Donny! xxx

Diane said...

Of course it would be ok for you to do the music week - I would love it if you did! "Enchilladas in the ice box" - I didnt realise that the ice box was a fridge, and we didnt have a fridge in the 1960's - and vesta chow mein was as exotic as our food got!!!

Young at Heart said...

delicious.....now feeling rather hungry!!

Mizé said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
I think Menu Planning is a very effective way to save money, plan healthy meals plus reliefs the stress of having a daily (in)decision of what to cook.
I´ve been working in shifts too so my menu planning has to be more flexible but I´m getting better :)