Monday, 27 September 2010

What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid?

What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid?

How about that for a question.

I saw this question in a newspaper article about the Facebook creator.

Ever since I read it I can't stop thinking about it, even saying it out loud.

I'm saying to myself -

What am I afraid of?

Why am I afraid?

Why should I be afraid of anything that is not life threatening?

I am going to mull over this question for the next few days and see what I can come up with. I already have some ideas.

I read a blog yesterday that talked about setting new challenges when you reach 50, things you have always wanted to do.

What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid?

What are your thoughts on this question. I would love to hear from you.


brendie said...

im afraid to give up my wages, otherwise id tell my boss to shove it where the sun doesnt shine, lol like a lot of people. other than that i wish i wasnt afraid of public speaking, id like to be able to stand up at funerals and talk about the person etc. i get so muddled and red hot i trip over all my words. thats what i would like, confidence to speak

Diane said...

I'm totally with Brendie on the wage and the boss thing. One day..........

Susie said...

I actually did the wage and the boss thing... no money but no regrets ;-).

I'd travel. I'd like to go to Africa but I'm a big scaredy cat. (Also see above re money!).

Texan said...

oh my, I would have several I could put on this list!

Good post.